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Formed in 2006, ANFIL is the peak national body which represents all interests in the rapidly growing Australian native food industry. The company is a not-for-profit organisation with broad involvement in the development of this industry on a national scale. Encompassing national advocacy and lobbying on behalf of the industry, ANFIL has taken the lead in working with industry, federal and state governments to determine and prioritise research and development as well as market development strategies to progress the industry into the future.

ANFIL acknowledge’s the traditional owners of this land, we also acknowledge the cultural importance of native food. We wish to share knowledge and information to move this industry forward to benefit all Australians.



Notice has been given that should any traces of Pyrrolizidine Alkaloid contamination be found in products for export will have dire consequences, with the possible dumping of entire shipments.

This will impact on all European Union Countries and will most likely be followed by the US market as FDA would undoubtedly be aware of the adverse health risks associated with ingestion of these plant Alkaloids.


The only way to avoid this problem is good plantation management. Prior to harvesting an extensive weeding programme should be carried out eliminating possible contamination caused by these weeds, or any other plants which may denigrate your product.

more info found on our blog and we will keep you updated as more info comes to hand

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